Support Services for Small Businesses

Process and Operational Support Services for Small Businesses

Are Inefficient Operational Processes Causing Your Business to Struggle?

You’re not alone. The fact is, the majority of small businesses struggle with the same thing. At pivotal growth stages, most business owners find themselves outgrowing their original processes and systems for managing operations, but getting on top of those weak areas in your business is vital. Operational strength is what holds successful businesses together—allowing them to function in a healthy way. However, developing processes and systems to support your business and your employees is nearly impossible to do on your own when you are in the depths of a growth stage and managing other aspects of the business is taking priority. Yet, it is during this critical time when most business owners experience the pain and overwhelm associated with not having effective processes and systems in place.

Operational management is the strategic key to running a successful business. Process development, digital organization, project and customer management systems, and automation are all vital in order for a company to thrive in the way it functions both externally and internally.

Operational management is something we are passionate about at Maize Agency. We love to see businesses transform from feeling buried under the weight of operational chaos to running efficiently, smoothly, and with a clear process in place for all of their key operations. We are efficiency experts and we are eager to help you achieve your organizational goals. Our operational and process support services for small businesses will transform the way you and your team work.

  • Process Evaluation

  • Process Development

  • Project Management

  • SOP Development

  • Files & Asset Organization

  • Business Operations

  • CRM

  • Business Plan Development

  • Onboarding Process Development

  • Company-Wide Process Training

With a solid operational foundation, your business will be able to serve more clients, run more efficiently, and you’ll be positioned to charge more for your services. However, the benefits do not stop there! You will also find that by transforming the way your business operates, your employees will thrive, teams will be process-driven, and the overall atmosphere of your company culture will improve significantly.

Questions to Consider About the Operational Health of Your Business

If the answer to ANY of the questions above is ‘NO’, then you would benefit significantly from our Operational Support services.

Transform the Way Your Business Operates

Operational Management


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