SEO copywriting for small businesses

SEO Copywriting for Small Businesses — Strategy Matters!

Does your web copy and content accomplish your goals? Is your brand voice and main message clearly communicated in your printed collateral and marketing materials? Do you have a consistent message that reaches across all of your content marketing channels? Are you seeing a steady increase in organic traffic to your blog posts or online shop based on keyword research and a strategy that is woven throughout your website content? If your answer to any of these questions is not a confident, “YES!”, then we can help!

SEO copywriting for small businesses is a fine art. Whether your written content is ultimately going to live online, in print, or a combination of both places—it needs to convey your message in a way that directly addresses your target audience’s pain points. It needs to be clear, compelling, and consistent—and it should persuade your potential customers to take action. Good copywriting has the potential to make or break your marketing strategy. A copywriter’s job is to find the best way to create persuasive copy that communicates your unique message to the right people at the right time. 

SEO Copywriting for Small Businesses is Vital to Success

Working with a professional copywriter with strong writing skills who is experienced in creating original content written specifically for people yet easily read by search engines can have a dramatic effect on your marketing efforts. Effective SEO copywriting is vital to the success of any small business with an online presence and will help you reach your target market and achieve your marketing goals quickly.

Our small business copywriting services also extend to the creation of print marketing material that captures your audience’s attention, draws them into the story of your business or the customer journey you want to take them on, and ultimately compels them to become a loyal customer or client.

Copywriting Strategy Matters!

We work with you to determine the goals you are looking to reach with your content writing and we develop a clear plan to accomplish them. Whether you need a partner for the development of website content, ongoing blog posts, social media posts, or marketing and company collateral, we can develop the right words to carry out your strategic goals.

Copywriting for Small Businesses

What is Included in Our SEO Copywriting Services?

Our copywriting for small businesses service is available across a vast array of industries and deliverables. If you need written content—we can provide it. Our experienced writers produce clear, compelling, and consistent content that drives results. Below is a sample of some of the deliverables we create—and to go a step beyond, our talented design team can bring your content to life.

Whatever your vision—we can make it happen.

  • Website Copy

  • Blog Posts

  • SEO Copywriting

  • Sales Pages

  • Landing Pages

  • Email Sequences

  • Email Marketing

  • Product Descriptions

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Social Media Content

  • Free Resources

  • Infographic Copy

  • Press Releases

  • Ad Copy

  • Employee Manuals

  • Job Descriptions

  • Business Proposals

  • Annual Reports

  • White Papers

  • eBooks

Our 5-Step Copywriting Process

STEP ONE | Conceptualize

We meet with you, via Zoom or in person, to gather information about your target audience, your brand message, your brand voice, and your goals for your website content.

STEP TWO | Content Strategy

We create a content strategy with workflows that are built specifically for you and with your project and audience in mind. Project-dependent, we will also begin conducting topic and keyword research to fulfill your objectives.

STEP THREE | Content Writing

We write your content and return a draft to you for your input and feedback. We provide comments throughout the draft to explain our thought process as well as point out key areas we want to draw your attention to.

STEP FOUR | Collaboration

This is where you get to tell us what works and what doesn't. It's important that your content reflects your brand, speaks directly to your target audience, and meets your intentions. We then make revisions based on your feedback until the end result is perfectly aligned with your goals.

STEP FIVE | Content Delivery

We deliver your completed content to you—on-brand, copyedited, and ready for publication.

Why Choose Maize Agency?

We Care About Our Clients

We get to know you, your story, and your business to become an integral part of your extended team. We are a small business marketing agency that is as invested in the success of your business as you are.

We Are A Relational Agency

You are never just a ‘number’ or even just a ‘client’ to us—you are a real person running or managing a business and we look forward to having a longterm, successful relationship with you.

We Are Selective

We don't take on every business that contacts us. We truly believe our success is based on yours. If we are not absolutely confident that we can help you succeed and that partnering with us will be a valuable investment—we will let you know.

We Enjoy What We Do

We take great pride in creating websites and marketing material that you will be proud to share and that drive results.

We Talk Like Regular People

We don’t expect you to be fluent in marketing or technical terms. We make communication around your projects and goals easy to understand.

We Don't Over Schedule

We limit our active project-focused clients at any given time in order to provide you with timely and exceptional work and service.

We Love To Collaborate

We are big believers that brainstorming creative ideas and solutions with our client partners results in the best work. We know you have unique needs and we love to determine what will work best for your business—alongside you.

We Educate Our Clients

We understand that among small business owners there is a great degree of variance in technical experience—which often includes large knowledge gaps. We take the time to educate you in areas we know will be beneficial to you.

Your Success Is Our Success

We regularly track and share your marketing results in order to make sure our shared goals are being reached so you can move forward in confidence that your marketing investment is having a measurable effect.

Let's Get Started!

If you’re ready to move forward with content and copywriting services for your small business, we would love for you to schedule a call with us. We’ll get in touch quickly to arrange a time to chat about what you are looking for and hoping to accomplish. From there, we will work with you to determine how Maize Agency can help with your content creation needs.