Sandi Warner | Maize Agency

Sandi Warner

Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

My name is Sandi Warner, and I am the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Maize Agency. My professional background is in photography, graphic design, and writing. Most recently for five years, I was the founder and Editor in Chief of a Christian women’s print magazine and blog—The Joyful Life.

As the owner of several businesses throughout my career, I fully understand the challenges surrounding marketing and operations that you face as you work hard to grow your business.

I started Maize Agency with one fundamental goal—to share my hard-earned knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, and process development with business owners like yourself in order to alleviate your stress and help you succeed. We accomplish this by fully managing your digital marketing efforts for you or by providing consulting services that allow you to grow in the knowledge and confidence to manage it more effectively yourself.

We are an intentionally relational agency. When you become a client we prioritize building a genuine relationship with you. We take the time to know you, your story, and your business—partnering with you to become a valuable part of your extended team—fully invested in the success of your business.


I live in Colorado Springs with my husband Tim and our 11-year-old daughter. I also have 4 boys ranging in age from 17 to 28 who live in AZ, CA, and NY. We absolutely love CO, but we also love to travel the US in our RV as often as we have the opportunity.

Dannae Rushing

Dannae Rushing

Project Manager

As the Project Manager at Maize Agency, I have the privilege of helping our team stay organized and making sure our client’s projects are always completed on time. I have always had a knack for implementing and improving systems that make an organization run smoothly, and I love helping others do the same! Whatever tips and tricks I learn along the way, I enjoy sharing with others to make their lives better.

At Maize, I get to bring my love of organization and efficiency together with my desire to help others succeed. When you have a new business project, product or event you want to launch, I will help you carefully plan, execute, track, and optimize your campaign. Getting the right people to do the necessary jobs and finding the resources to do so is my specialty. I look forward to helping your business run like a well-oiled machine!


I was born and raised in Colorado but currently reside in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband and our three kids. We are always on the lookout for new adventures to have as a family and the best food to try no matter where we are. If I have a moment of downtime I prefer to spend it with my nose in a book and am always open to suggestions for my next read.

sophie agbonkhese

Sophie Agbonkhese

SEO Strategist

As the SEO Strategist at Maize Agency, I’m excited to help your business reach new customers online with strategic, search engine-optimized content. I’ve spent most of the past two decades helping small and medium-sized businesses grow through online marketing and streamlined operations. Over this time, I’ve learned that combining high-quality products and services with a strong and consistent marketing strategy is the key to a successful business, and I’m determined to help you achieve your marketing goals. 
Day-to-day, I love putting on my nerdy, analytical hat and digging into data to help shape our clients’ content strategies. I employ my love of research and business development to help them better understand their customers and address their pain points in clearly defined ways. Then, through targeted content development and search engine optimization, I help them get the exposure they need to increase their market share.
I live in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada with my husband, our four kids, and our mini Australian shepherd. When I’m not working, you’ll find me homeschooling, reading, writing, and bullet journaling, all while snacking on dark chocolate. I’m also into renovating older homes to make them more livable, beautiful, and sustainable.