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August 2023


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Kody Wilson has had a huge impact on the Denver, CO and Treasure Valley, ID areas as a well-respected independent meteorologist, better known as ‘Kody the Weather Guy’. He has been forecasting and storm chasing professionally for 15 years and does so with so much personality and charm that he has built an entire community around his social media accounts boasting over 250k+ followers.


BRANDING | For Kody’s new branding we wanted to incorporate a color palette that coordinated really well with the theme of weather while maintaining the fun and outgoing aspects of his personality. His branding needed to be fun and professional at the same time. A navy and yellow color palette came together very naturally and the occasional addition of a fun illustration that had been created for him paired with his logo was the perfect final touch.

BRAND CONSOLIDATION | Kody’s weather coverage spans several states, but his primary focus is on CO and ID. We brought his two brands ‘Denver and Front Range Weather’ and ‘Treasure Valley Weather Headquarters’ together and created a new umbrella brand—’Kody the WX Guy’. He had already established this name in some of his social media channels so it was a natural transition to consolidate the brands, which provided him with a much more cohesive and efficient way to manage his business.

SPONSOR FEATURE | Kody’s has developed an extremely loyal following for his brand on social media. It is a unique community spanning two primary local areas and it is entirely sponsor and follower-supported. His small business sponsors needed to be prominently featured on the new website and given a cohesive look.

CUSTOM EMAIL INTEGRATION | We implemented an efficient and seamless way for Kody to share local weather information by email with his subscribers. His weather forecasts are not just informative, they have also saved lives. We knew that giving him the ability to get urgent weather information into people’s inboxes was important so we created a seamless email integration process as well as a custom-designed email newsletter.

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Kody Wilson
Independent Meteorologist


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