The Greatest Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

The Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

With the increased accessibility of AI-driven content over the past year, many small businesses have determined that writing high-quality content for their websites and blogs is as simple as generating and posting an AI-written article. AI has certainly become a tool that can speed up the content creation process. However, like any tool—it’s imperative that the person using it knows how to use it correctly and also understands its usefulness. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t fully understand all that goes into the content creation process, even with AI as a tool. There are several key steps that go into producing website copy that will generate organic traffic from your target audience.

If you are unfamiliar with the steps that must be taken to create website content that ranks in search results, then the benefits of hiring a copywriter will far outweigh the costs associated with it—particularly an SEO copywriter. In fact, it is often so beneficial that once business owners take the plunge and hire a professional copywriter, they find that their revenue increases due to the time freed up for other tasks and the intentional focus on SEO marketing.

Professional copywriters help businesses grow by crafting high-quality content that resonates with customers and drives desired results. Creating this content often involves developing a content strategy, keyword research, target audience research, and determining your competitive edge by assessing your competition. A skilled copywriter strengthens a brand’s identity by creating original content with a fresh perspective that covers all the topics Google expects to see while also covering the gaps your competitors may have in their content. Professional copywriters are also skilled at emphasizing your distinctive brand voice to attract more ideal clients.

Before hiring a copywriter, it’s wise to ask for writing samples, client reviews, and to inquire about their writing process. A good copywriter may generate a piece of content that will save you a lot of time, but it’s important to make sure that the content is high-quality and that you feel confident that it will elevate your online presence. If you are looking to hire an SEO copywriter, you will also want to ask about how their copywriting skills have improved the search rankings for other clients. Building a relationship with a professional copywriter who speaks directly to your unique audience while also prioritizing SEO goals often proves to be one of the greatest benefits of hiring a copywriter.

Professional Copywriters Can Help You Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Copywriters have the experience to understand your brand and what it stands for, enabling them to produce engaging, customer-focused content for your business. Their priority should be writing articles, blogs, and social media updates that increase customer engagement while potentially driving conversions for your company. This process requires the development of a content marketing strategy in order to be effective.

A content marketing strategy ensures that your content is being built around a purpose and to achieve your goals. It’s not an effective strategy to write pieces of disjointed content, and expect that it will help your search engine rankings. Your content must be written in a cohesive manner, in a consistent brand voice, for your target market, and to meet the specific needs of your website visitors. Building a strategy around the various topics you want to share with your audience is essential in order to establish authority within your industry.

When hiring a copywriter, it’s essential to remember they are more than an employee or a contractor—they represent an investment in strategy development for your business that can help drive traffic and sales that you cannot do yourself, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

The benefits of hiring a copywriter seo content writer

Professional Copywriters Excel at Creating High-Quality Content

Copywriters who excel are adept at producing high-quality content that’s both search engine optimized and accessible to your target audience. A well-written piece should not only benefit readers, but it should always help achieve your business goals—whether that means increasing organic traffic, driving conversions, or positioning yourself as an authority within an industry. A persuasively written piece of content can make all the difference. In fact, 55% of all small business owners claim that producing high-quality content is the biggest factor in their success (SEMRush, The State of Content Marketing).

Copywriters Invest Time in Research

Copywriters aren’t simply expert writers; they also possess extensive knowledge in researching your industry, competitors, and your products or services. These are essential data points for crafting compelling narratives that engage your target audience and drive their desired action. Research is not a step that should ever be overlooked when crafting content.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a professional copywriter can be an enormous benefit for small business owners. It can often be more beneficial than hiring someone to write content in-house. A freelance copywriter can take on the entire process of writing and publishing your content, freeing you to focus on other important areas of your business, such as email marketing, customer service, or inventory management—everything necessary for keeping things running smoothly in your organization.

Hiring A Copywriter Will Save You Valuable Time

The ROI for professional copywriting services is not only measured by conversions and sales, it is also measured by the time it saves you trying to manage it yourself. Most small business owners who are not skilled copywriters but attempt to handle content creation on their own learn very quickly that it is far more time-consuming and difficult than they initially believed. This often results in content creation taking a backseat to other priorities and missing out on the organic traffic it generates.

Hiring a freelance copywriter or agency allows you to focus your energy on other areas of the business without compromising content quality. A great copywriter should be capable of producing anything from blog posts and landing pages to whitepapers and e-books without needing separate writers for each type of project—saving both time and effort! This is especially true when you build a relationship with a copywriting or small business agency that takes the time to truly get to know you, your goals, and your business.

A Professional Copywriter Understands How to Speak Directly to Your Unique Audience

Business owners and subject matter experts often possess in-depth knowledge of their product or service; however, they often struggle with how best to convey this knowledge to potential customers. Instead of emphasizing how it solves problems or enhances lives, a copywriter will bring a well-researched, outside perspective that focuses on what your target audience is actually looking for.

While it might be tempting to hire a freelancer from a low-budget site such as Upwork, it’s far better to invest in hiring a professional copywriter with experience in developing a content plan, understanding target audiences, effectively communicating brand voice, and who will establish you as an authority figure within your industry.

SEO Copywriters Prioritize Search Engine Optimization

Content that appears prominently on search engine results pages (SERPs) will help drive targeted visitors and leads directly to your website, improving brand awareness, rankings, and conversion rates. When written by professional copywriters who understand best SEO practices, content can appear in SERPs—leading to more visibility, increased traffic, and stronger brand recognition—ultimately improving conversion rates.

Set SEO Goals with Your Copywriter

Once you have selected a copywriter, it is critical to set clear goals and expectations from the outset of your project. Doing so will prevent misunderstandings or delays while ensuring the end product meets your objectives. Discussing your content goals, target audience, and desired tones beforehand ensures a higher-quality copywriter experience that resonates with readers.

Although some copywriters hold degrees in journalism, marketing, or creative writing, many are self-taught and have impressive portfolios to demonstrate their skills. Don’t disregard these candidates—they may bring valuable insight to your industry that can give your brand an extra boost of creative spark!

Copywriters will also typically use a variety of professional tools, software, and platforms for SEO research, competitor analysis, and content development. As you interview potential copywriters, ask them about the tools they use. Even if you are not familiar with their particular process, it will be helpful to you to know that they do, in fact, have a trusted process. It’s important that you hire a copywriter that you feel confident in—not just their writing skills but their process as well. You need to be able to trust that they are saving you valuable time with their efficiency.

Professional Copywriting Services are Absolutely Worth the Investment

Professional copywriters will take your content ideas and transform them into high-quality work that elevates websites, blog posts, articles, social media posts, proposals, bids, or any other written communication piece. They typically possess years of writing experience and can quickly grasp your product, service, target audience, key messages, and marketing objectives. Copywriters can be an excellent investment for small to mid-sized businesses by ensuring your marketing communications produce results.

The Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter Far Outweigh the Burden of DIY Content Creation

The benefits of hiring a copywriter far outweigh the burden of DIYing the content creation process. Once you’ve established a relationship with a copywriter you trust, you will find that their value goes far beyond just creating web content. A good copywriter who knows your business and is invested in the success of it will be extremely capable of producing other pieces of content that will save you time and potentially earn you money.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a copywriter and developing this type of relationship is that you will have an extended team member who can help you with writing tasks that are often put on the back burner or even difficult to accomplish yourself.

Copywriters typically begin the writing process by discussing your project over the phone or through email. In many instances, they will also request access to one or more subject matter experts within your organization so they can quickly gain the context they require for writing a piece. Once they have gathered information, copywriters typically compose a draft and submit it for your review. At this stage, you can provide feedback and request any desired revisions. Depending on the scale of your project, this may take one or more rounds; generally, however, skilled copywriters should be able to nail your content within just a few drafts.

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